The Mixer Behind the Music

John Tees Shirts is a music themed company, creating unique, one-of-a-kind T-Shirt  designs as well as other various every day products and gift items using music notes and symbols. The inspiration behind John Tees, was my father, John T. Owens, aka John T, a respected and talented drum player, who passed away at only 53 of a heart attack. Many of my music smiley face creations were replications of my dad's original sketches I found on the back of an old tattered security post log form back in the early 80's while he was working surveillance in the Air Force. It was always his intention of turning his fun musical themed smileys into T-Shirt designs, thus John Tees Shirts was created in his honor to put a smile on everyone's faces, from 0-100...there's something every music lover can enjoy!

In addition to being a well-respected musician, John worked for a company where he had the joy of collecting donated instruments and delivering them to anxious music students in need. As a way to give back to the community and music industry, for EVERY purchase, 5% of the proceeds will be donated in John T. Owens honor to various local and International non-profit charities.

My life would not be what it is had it not been for music, choir and playing instruments growing up. Music is oxygen for the soul and I am so thankful for the opportunity to hand make each item with love and passion to share with my customers. 

Thank you for you support!

-Katrina Shaw


Let's work together to help keep music programs alive in schools!

Please check out our "Giving Back" page for details.




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If music be the food of love, play on.

If it wasn't for music, life would be a mistake.

Music is oxygen for the soul!

Favorite Music Quotes

Founder, Katrina Shaw (Owens)



John Tees Shirts is proud to give back to non-profit charities that help keep music programs in schools!

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